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14 04 2011

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be re-building our site. There’s a lot of information that is out-of-date and we also want to add some new features and functions.

However, after the last few years of being with we’re making a move to Posterous.  Don’t get us wrong we’ve loved what has done for us but we think Posterous makes it easier for us to administer our site.  Plus it also means it’s easier for more people to contribute to our site about ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and what’s happening locally.

Join us at our new home

Climate Action Summit

7 04 2011

Australia’s Climate Action Summit 2011 this weekend!

The Climate Action Summit is just two days away! The summit is an annual event that brings together hundreds of members from Australia’s community sustainability and climate action groups. Now in its third year, it will be kicking off in Melbourne this weekend,from the 9-11 of April.
Come along for your chance to connect with the grassroots environmental movement, share campaign ideas, hear high-profile speakers, and take part in an inspiring action in Melbourne’s CBD. This year speakers will include Adam Bandt, Liz Minchin, David Spratt, Clive Hamilton, Ged Kearney and many, many more – visit for session descriptions and times.
Saturday April 9 – Monday April 11
The Spot Theatre, Melbourne University
198 Berkeley Street, Carlton
$25/day waged
$10/day unwaged
To secure your place, we strongly recommend registering online prior to the event – go to
For more information visit or email

Climate Action on Saturday

11 03 2011


What: Rally to support Climate Action and Clean Energy

When: Saturday 12 March

Time: 11am

Where: Treasury Place, just off Spring Street, Melbourne — check the location on this map

(Outside Julia Gillard’s federal offices)

This Saturday March 12, we’re coming together to support climate action and clean energy.

The fear campaign against a price on pollution has become so absurd that talkback radio hosts are claiming this means the end of life as we know it. Independent MPs are receiving death threats, and the far-right is organising anti-climate action rallies. The first of these is this weekend – and at the same time, we’re coming together on the other side of Melbourne to stand up and be counted. We can deal a fatal blow to Tony Abbott’s claims of a “people’s revolt” against climate action. We can show the media and climate deniers just how big and strong the campaign for climate action.

We must act now to counter the climate deniers and big polluters. With your help, we’ll prove there are more of us than there are of them – and in doing so we’ll make a powerful statement for climate action.

A Green Makeover for our homes, plus URGENT Hazelwood update!

13 07 2010

Information from the Safe Climate Team, Environment Victoria

A Green makeover for One Million Homes

Get involved to help green our homes – take action here.

While the government continues to drag its heels on an effective price on pollution, our buildings and homes remain prime real estate for a major energy and water overhaul, and real action on climate change.

In fact, over 17 percent of Victoria’s greenhouse pollution comes from energy we use in our homes.  And while Victorians have been working hard to reduce our impact at home, there is a lot more we could do if the government came to the party.

We’ve got a plan.  Check out our One Million Homes report here.

This week, we’ve released a new report calling on the government to commit to a major water and energy retrofit for One Million Homes across Victoria, targeted at low-income households over the next five years.  It’s ambitious, but it’s the kind of response we need if we’re going to prepare our homes and our communities for the future.

This plan would reduce greenhouse pollution by 2.4 million tonnes a year, save 32.5 billion litres of water a year for our rivers, protect us from heatwaves and other extreme weather events and save Victorian households on average nearly $300 a year on utility bills that are set to rise.  To put the cherry on top, it would also create up to 6,900 new jobs across the state.

Check out our story in the Herald Sun yesterday.

We’re not alone in this call for action.  We’ve partnered with organisations from across the environmental and social sectors to make sure the government knows that our plan has real support. Click here to see which organisations support the program.

But we need your help too.  We want the government to know that households across Victoria are ready and waiting for a real retrofit program to green our homes, save pollution and water, create new clean technology jobs, and prepare our communities for the future.

Join the campaign by putting your name to this letter today.

For more about the One Million Homes campaign and how you can get involved, visit our website.

Update: Brumby investigates Hazelwood options

Last Saturday a leaked story in The Age revealed that the Brumby Government is investigating replacing one quarter of Hazelwood power station by 2014.  The story also indicated that the state government was seeking to engage the federal government in helping to finance the replacement.

Environment Victoria is encouraged that the Victorian Government recognises the need to act on Hazelwood.  However, allowing three quarters of Hazelwood to keep polluting indefinitely is simply unacceptable.

Read our joint press release on the announcement here.

Today, a federal cabinet meeting will decide the climate policies that the Gillard Government will take to the Federal Election.  Environment groups from across the state have come together to call on the Prime Minister to cooperate with the Brumby Government to completely replace Hazelwood with clean energy by 2012.

Research has shown that the entire power station could be replaced by 2012.  Closing just one quarter of it would still leave 12 million tonnes of greenhouse pollution pumping into our atmosphere from Hazelwood each year.

Our campaign to Replace Hazelwood will continue to build toward the state and federal elections, with this weekend’s National Day of Action, doorknocking, billboards and community events across the state.  For more information about the campaign go to

FINAL Reminder – National Day of Action to Replace Hazelwood

The National Day of Action to Replace Hazelwood is on this Saturday 17 July!  If you’ve not already joined-up for an action locally, why not hold your own?  It’s not too late to pull together your friends and family, and organise an action.

Last minute ideas for your local action:

1)      You could hand out Replace Hazelwood petition cards at your local shopping strip (get in touch and we’ll send them out to you),

2)      Leave a bunch of flowers with a RIP Hazelwood card attached at your MPs office with a note calling on the government to completely replace Hazelwood, signed from your friends and family,

3)      Take a photo out the front of your house with a Replace Hazelwood sign.

Whatever you do, make sure you take a picture, and send it into us at with your name and address.  That way we can make sure our politicians know about it, and understand the strength of community support to Replace Hazelwood with clean energy by 2012.

Click here for cleaner cars.

Thanks to all of you who’ve already signed our letter calling on the federal government to introduce a strong mandatory standard to achieve an average of 5L per 100km for all new cars sold in Australia by 2015.

Australian cars are lagging behind the rest of the world.  In fact, a new car sold in Australia is 41 percent more polluting than a new car sold in Europe.

A strong mandatory standard would save pollution, and help the average motorist save up to $700 a year off their petrol costs.

If you haven’t already signed the letter, do it now.  It only takes a minute, but it could make a much bigger difference.

Environment Victora: We CAN replace Hazelwood

19 05 2010

Environment Victoria releases new report:  We CAN Replace Hazelwood with Clean Energy by 2012.

On Monday Environment Victoria released a new report finding that we can replace Hazelwood (the dirtiest power station in Australia) by 2012, using clean energy projects that are on the table and ready to go right now.  Check out our report here.

The report, Fast-tracking Victoria’s clean energy future to replace the Hazelwood power station found that we could replace Hazelwood as soon as the end of 2012, cutting Victoria’s emissions by 12 percent and creating hundreds more jobs than the power station currently provides.

The timing couldn’t be better.  Our release came as both the state and federal governments are shopping around for a climate policy in time for the upcoming elections, now that the federal government’s Emissions Trading Scheme is off the table for the next few years.

Read the fantastic article in The Age.

And read Melissa Fyfe’s article in The Sunday Age, showing just how important the Replace Hazelwood campaign will be to the upcoming elections.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Replace Hazelwood campaign

CLICK HERE to write a letter to a politician expressing your support of replacing Hazelwood

CLICK HERE to get involved in doorknocking for the Replace Hazelwood campaign

Doorknocking for the Replace Hazelwood Power Station campaign

13 05 2010

Dear Friends,

The campaign to Replace Hazelwood power station with clean energy is gathering strength. The State and Federal Labor governments are now under pressure to act after Kevin Rudd’s backflip on climate change.

So, now is the time to get the message out in the community.

Over the next two months local community climate groups are going to be doorknocking in the key inner city electorates of Melbourne and they need your help.

Door knocking is easy, fun and one of the most effective ways of getting our message into the community and having an impact on politicians.

Here is how it works. We start after lunchtime and do about an hour of training, we knock on doors for less than two hours and then get together for a cuppa or a drink and talk about how it went.

It’s easy! Residents are friendly and usually very happy to take some information or sign the petition.

So please join us on a coming Saturday or Sunday by clicking on the link below and registering to doorknock. There is also a video showing how it works.

Warm regards,

Damien Lawson
for the Replace Hazelwood campaign

PS. To find out more about doorknocking and the Hazelwood campaign go here

Talk Climate: Eyewitness in Cochabamba

10 05 2010


Eyewitness in Cochabamba
Australian climate activists reportback on global climate conference.

Taegen Edwards, Pablo Brait and Ben Courtice are attending the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia. They will provide their insights and experiences of this unique global gathering of the climate movement and developing country governments.

6.30 pm Thursday May 13
Climate Action Centre
Lvl 5, New Building, Victorian Trades Hall
Cnr. Victoria & Lygon Streets, Carlton South

Talk Climate is a monthly forum and discussion on current and critical problems of climate change, hosted by the Victorian Climate Action Centre. Wine and refreshments by donation. or 9639 3660